What type of horse should you buy?

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Are you looking for your forever horse? Well come here today you will take a look into the future to meet your horsey soulmate! Are you sure that you are ready?

You will be asked questions and make sure you answer the honestly as it will lead you to your dream unicorn! At the end you will be shown your horse of course you don’t have to buy it, it’s just a fun quiz. Also this is my first quiz it won’t be perfect! Just have fun!

Created by: Aims

  1. English or Western?
  2. Which horse would you buy?
  3. What discipline do you ride?
  4. What type of horse do you want?
  5. Saddle or bareback?
  6. Do you already have a horse?
  7. How experienced of a rider are you?
  8. Where will you keep your horse
  9. How often will you ride your horse?
  10. What will you do when you go on holidays?
  11. What colour horse do you want?

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Quiz topic: What type of horse should I buy?