What kind of rider are you? (English Riding)

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Do you consider yourself a horse lover? Do you actually ride? Or own a horse? Or are you a reluctant spectator at horse shows, wishing YOU were the smiling girl on the stunning horse in the ring with the blue ribbon?

Take this quiz and find out what kind of rider YOU would be!! And, if you actually ride horses, find out what level (beginner-advanced) you would be!!

Created by: Equestrian748 of Horse Reality
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  1. Have you ever ridden before?
  2. How long have you been riding?
  3. What type of horse do you ride?
  4. True or False: The _ stages of a jump are approach, take off, flight (or suspension), landing and recollection.
  5. Have you ever jumped?
  6. How high have you jumped?
  7. How is your contact?
  8. Have you ever competed?
  9. Have you ever won any competitions?
  10. Can you ride without stirrups or bareback at a walk, trot, canter, and gallop?
  11. Can you jump without stirrups or bareback?
  12. Have you ever gone on a trail ride?
  13. Have you ever went faster than a walk on a trail ride?
  14. Have you ever trained a green horse? (green means untrained)
  15. Have you ever owned or leased a horse?
  16. What kind of rider do you think you are? (This doesn't count towards your score)

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Quiz topic: What kind of rider am I? (English Riding)