What kind of rider are you?

There are lots of horse riders in this world. But they all do different things. There are racers and professionals. But if you own a horse or do riding this is useful information.

What kind of rider are you? Are you even a horse rider? Find out the information you need here. Enjoy the quiz and I enjoyed making it too. Thank you.

Created by: Horselover

  1. Do you like competitions?
  2. Do you like going slow or fast?
  3. Are you an experienced rider?
  4. Do you like adrenalin filled stuff?
  5. Which do you prefer?
  6. Do you ride for fun?
  7. Are you wanting to pursue riding as a career?
  8. Is horse riding your favourite activity?
  9. Do you own a horse?
  10. Finally do you want to be in the Grand National?

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Quiz topic: What kind of rider am I?