What type of horse are you?

Do you know how many people behave like some types of horses? It's very interesting, isn't it? In this test you can check it out! Do you want to come?

What kind of horse are you? A little pony, a big but nervous warmblood? Or maybe a cold or pureblood horse? take this quiz and in few minutes and...play well!

Created by: Marta

  1. Your trainer has just arrived at the stable. You see, he is full of energy and promises to be a long training. Your reaction?
  2. Today it's going to be a big competition!Your rider waited so long! And you?
  3. Friends in the pasture arranged the races, do you join them?
  4. They're some new buildings in your center. Where do you want to stay?
  5. It's time for holidays...
  6. Would you like a little bit of hay?
  7. You've found a lovely mare. How to speak to her?
  8. Your darling said: You've got a beautiful mane! And what will YOU say to her?
  9. You're riding in a old, dark forest. It's very late and you can here some strange noises.
  10. Do you like this test?

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Quiz topic: What type of horse am I?