How howrsey Are You?

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howrse is an online game based around, well, horses of course! You can raise the horse of your dreams to manage a prestigious equestrian center. Howrse is the ultimate horse game!

Sure , many people say they're the best but if you put them to this test the answers would say otherwise. Do you want to really find out how howrsey you are? In fact why are you bothering to read this when you could be taking the quiz?

Created by: whydoyoucareareuacreep?

  1. How much Equus do you have in your reserve?
  2. How many hours a day are spent on howrse?
  3. How many divines do you have?
  4. Which are you more devoted to:
  5. Are you a huge tattletale?plz be honest In a way its somewhat a trap (Hint suspicion)
  6. How well do your horses do in comps
  7. How many negative mod messages have you gotten
  8. Are you high or Low on the general ranking
  9. Have you bought a load of passes
  10. Ok I'm getting sick of typing questions so click on one of the options

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Quiz topic: How howrsey am I?