what type of horse are you

there are many different breeds of horse so how to you know which one you are.this is a very precise test to show who you are really you will enjoy this quiz

what breed of horse are you?what kind of person are you.hope you will take this quiz to see who you really are.lets see what breed of horse you are.hope you like

Created by: rachel

  1. your rider comes to get you from the field you
  2. what your fave color
  3. you are in a race.you have to gallop.you the gates open you...
  4. your rider is riding another horse.you see the same horse in the field you...
  5. a mean stablehand is grooming you they hit a soar spot
  6. your rider is trying to get first place in a dressage show you ...
  7. fave movie
  8. hair color is..
  9. to your friends your the...
  10. you prefer...

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Quiz topic: What type of horse am I