What type of girl are you??

"There are many types of girl and it can be a girl with a rackista personality, pretty princess personality or a hot chick personlaity, some even have all of it"

" do you want to know your "GIRL" personality?? well, if you do take this quiz right away to know.. what type of girl are you?? and know wher do you really belong, cause sometimes it's hard to find the right place for our personality, but i do hope that you'd be honest with your answers."

Created by: cidee

  1. choose a singer for your personality.
  2. choose a color combination..
  3. you'd rather be in a:
  4. choose a word:
  5. favorite musical instrument
  6. choose an accessory for you..
  7. your hobby is:
  8. what hairstyle do you like???
  9. what type of music do you like??
  10. do you like ballet?? how many percent yes??

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Quiz topic: What type of girl am I??