What type of fat girl are you?

Are you a fat girl? Do you want to know just what kind you are? DO you feel like you have five extra minutes? The quix has candy..or not. This Quz is probly stupid.

are you a normal guy? Maybe a little high? Well go do something else and get you female friend over here. Then get her to take this quiz. Then eat some twinkies.

Created by: Mudd
  1. When you wake up and look at yourself in the morning you think...
  2. What do you go as on halloween?
  3. Beachwear?
  4. ..Panties?
  5. You have a bar of chocolate..what do you do?
  6. You would wear a cheerleading uniform when..
  7. Ninjas or Pirates?
  8. You normal wear
  9. Anyone ever have a crush on you?
  10. Last question, Do you like the movie The Notebook

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Quiz topic: What type of fat girl am I?