Is your girl cheating on you?

Every guy has asked himself is his girl could really cheat on him. Well here is your chance to get those questions answered. Many men don't realize what makes up a cheater in a woman. The size of her wrists, the body type, many things come into effect. If you want to know the truth, if you can handle knowing if your girl is cheating on you, then continue on.

Is she cheating on you? Do you really know for sure? I will tell you. I know what makes up a cheater. It won't take long and you will know if you should dump her or keep her. Woman cheat. Is yours a cheater?

Created by: Grant
  1. Do you think your girl is cheating?
  2. Are there "time-gaps" in her answers to where she was? Or what she was doing?
  3. Do people think she is out of your league?
  4. How often does she go out with her "friends?"
  5. Does she call you or you call her most of the time?
  6. Does she get mad when you ask her questions about her night out with her "friends?"
  7. Does she ever go out of her way to do nice things for you that she normally doesn't do?
  8. Is she taller than you?
  9. Who gets the remote when watching TV?
  10. Does she accuse you of cheating on her?
  11. what is she?
  12. How is she?
  13. wrists?
  14. Her drink of choice?
  15. What does she drive?
  16. Who said, "I love you" first?

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Quiz topic: Is my girl cheating on you?