What type of gamedev are you?

Do you develop video games? Do you want to? There are many different styles of developer, see if I've figured you out, or if your style defies description.

This is a short quiz, please read each answer carefully. I'm trying to strike at the heart of each matter, rather than dancing around or playing fortune-teller.

Created by: Sam Pagenkopf
  1. What's your tool of choice for game development?
  2. Do you make art or music?
  3. Do you program?
  4. Have you released a game?
  5. Do you have your own engine?
  6. Are you making money from gamedev?
  7. Do you read documentation?
  8. Do you encourage others to make games?
  9. Fill in the blank: gamedev is _
  10. You do make games, right?

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Quiz topic: What type of gamedev am I?