what type of food or you?

this is won of the funnest food quizes you can take and its pretty accurate to so have fun ps some of the foods on here are vey randon i mean very random!!

this quiz is full of very random foods this quiz is fun easy fast and wont waste your time so yeah just have fun with it and remember its just a quiz!

Created by: chiccoba13
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. so are you energenic or not!
  2. do you like the color.....
  3. do you think of your self as a nice person?
  4. do you have alot of friends
  5. do you love junk food
  6. do you like vegetables
  7. do you like french fries
  8. i cant think of any more questions do the rest of these wont effect you
  9. fgjmfgm,afjadhafgsdf
  10. afhsfhaqjhqadrafdhaf
  11. are you exited to no what food you are

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