What type of fan are you?

Some people are real fans. And some people are not like that. What is a real fan? What is his attitude, in a concert or in front of her favorite star? Maybe it's your attitude.

You can discover in a few minutes what type of fan you are. You just have to tell me what kind of concert fan you are, I'll say you the answer to your question...

Created by: Jenny

  1. What do you like to listen to?
  2. How many months before the concert do you buy your tickets?
  3. How many money are you ready to spend to go to concert?
  4. Do you are well-dressed?
  5. Do you bring boards?
  6. With who do you go to a concert?
  7. Do you become hysterical?
  8. What is your favorite moment?
  9. Do you buy posters to put them on the walls of your room?
  10. Do you stay after the concert?

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Quiz topic: What type of fan am I?