what type of fairy are you?

there are so many fairies in the world!what type of fairy are you? what!?you don't know!?that ok. take this quiz to find out!i love fairies! its ok if you don't have a favorite,i could only list a few!

there are seven types of fairies in this quiz.but after you take it you will know a bit more about fairies and a bit more about yourself... you will truely belive in fairies after you take this quiz!

Created by: Chloe

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  1. if you were a fairy what would your wings look like?
  2. what is your favorite colouer?
  3. what does your prince charming or princess look like?
  4. i know this is weird but if you would to go to jail,why?
  5. what is your enemy's personality?
  6. if you found one million dollers on the street what would you do?
  7. which do you like to travel by?
  8. what would you like to do when you grow-up?
  9. where will you live when your older?
  10. which flower do you like best?

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Quiz topic: What type of fairy am I?