What type of eored would I be

Known as the Éothéod, or ‘People of the Horse Army’, the members of the Éored are, contrary to popular belief, not mounted warriors. Though the culture of the Éothéod revolves around the horses that make their very existence a possibility, these majestic beasts are not worshipped. However, the horse remains central to their way of life, and all Éothéod children are taught to ride almost before they learn to walk; thus, by the time they reach adulthood, they are superlative riders. This focused education in the art of riding and husbandry from such an early age not only generates an uncommonly strong bond between both horse and rider, but also serves to instil in each and every member of their culture the basic tenets and importance of duty and responsibility.

While central to the Éothéod culture, the Horse is NOT a worshipped creature, rather it is a valued companion or family member. In fact, whilst most would argue to the contrary, the religious practices of the Éothéod border almost the shamanic, centred as they are around certain aspects of nature, most notably the Sun and animals such as the boar or hawk, each key to the Éothéod way of life. It is thus that many such things have come to be honoured, if not actually worshipped in the traditional sense of the word, and those who revere a particular aspect or spirit of nature commonly carry simple devices depicting such totem spirits. It is, therefore, not uncommon to come across a shrine, known as a wéoh, to a creature such as a stag, hawk, hound, boar or even, in the case of the wéoh of Hurot Hall, the seat of the bretwalda, the Sun

Created by: William Kneeshaw

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you like to fight
  2. in a group what do you do
  3. what weapon do you perfer ti use
  4. what would you prefer to make
  5. whats your fav colour
  6. fav food
  7. what name would you rater have
  8. did you like this quiz
  9. was it fun
  10. whats you fav time

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