what type of E-girl are you?

this is just a quiz i made real quick bc i saw a tiktok of a girl who did an e-girl quiz but she never dropped the link, made it for all the commenters lmao

Also don't forget to sub to pewdiepie , and please please for the love of god don't take anything i do on this website seriously, and thanks for taking my dumb quiz

Created by: erika
  1. how would you describe your sense of style ?
  2. most used social media
  3. favorite color?
  4. does your instagram have an aesthetic theme or uses an aesthetic or grunge font on your bio
  5. do you mind if boys paint their nails?
  6. do you have tiktok and use it
  7. do you watch pewdiepie?
  8. do you do the ahegao face?
  9. do you watch anime
  10. favorite type of music?

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Quiz topic: What type of E-girl am I?