What type of dancer

This quiz is for my ICT project about a dance marathon. This quiz has questions about your health and what you do for a living. This quiz has a total of 14 questions. For some reason this paragraph needs a certain amount of characters but i cant seem to think of that in this paragraph. Oh well!

This quiz is for your own health and safety. Give honest answers because if you say your perfect when you arent then you may end up in hospital in case of a heart attack. (this will only happen if you are really unhealthy and out of shape!)

Created by: George
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is your favorite Type of Dance
  2. How would you rate your dance moves?
  3. How old are you? (nothing personal just so you dont hurt yourslef!)
  4. Do you eat fatty foods (e.g. Mc Donalds etc) Be honest, its for your own good!
  5. Do you excersise very much?
  6. Overall Rating of your fitness. (Again, for your own good!)
  7. Do you have much experience at dance?
  8. Do you listen to much Music?
  9. Are you good at keeping awake
  10. Is sport your thing?
  11. Do you watch much TV
  12. How do you get around?
  13. Do you do things alone or with friends?
  14. How strong are you

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