What Type Of Celeb Are You?

There are all sorts of celebs but most of them don't know witch kind they are. Are you ready for what's ahead of you? Are you ready to take on the tabloids? What about big responsibility. You know you want to know so take it now!!!

What kind of celeb are YOU. Thanks to this quiz you can find out. Take this short personality quiz right NOW. Trust me you don't want to miss this.

Created by: michaela
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  1. A six year old girl comes up to you and wants to take a picture, you:
  2. You are going to a photo shoot, you ware:
  3. You are on a show and the host says you are a role model, you:
  4. You are getting a dog, you get:
  5. You need privacy, you:
  6. You are supposed to guest star on a tv show but you have a bunch of homework, you:
  7. Your best friend says they hate you, you:
  8. You are on a talk show and the person sitting next to you says your stupid, you:
  9. You are walking down the red carpet and loose your shoe, you:
  10. Choose an element.

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Quiz topic: What Type Of Celeb am I?