What Type Of Car Are You?

A lot of people keep saying, "I'm a Mustang, the powerful one." or, "I'm the fastest car on the road, nad I look rad." But what car are you really?

Have you ever wondered what type of car you suits you best? Now you can find out with this quick and easy quiz, all you do is answer the questions and, walah!

Created by: Jordyn
  1. Do you love being the leader?
  2. How do your frinds describe you?
  3. What's You're Favorite Color?
  4. What's You're Favorite Animal?
  5. If You're In A Terrible Situation And Your Parent Were Killed You Would...
  6. What Weather Do You Prefer?
  7. What's Your Idea Of A Good Adventure
  8. How Many Days Can You Stand Without Being Outdoors
  9. What's Your Favorite Movie?
  10. What's Your Style?
  11. How Good Is Your Memory?
  12. If You're Whitnessing Someone Getting Beat Up, You Would...
  13. How Many Close Friends Do You Have?

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Quiz topic: What Type Of Car am I?