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  • What Type of Books Should You Read?
    Your Result: All Books

    These are for people who like all different types of books. You can't decide which one suits you. You like books with romance, comedy, AND mystery/paranormal things! Then any book will work for you!

    Result Breakdown:
    81% All Books
    27% Mystery/Paranormal Books
    14% Comedy Books
    14% You Shouldn't Be Reading
    0% Romance Books

    All boooks? How versatile!(0% romance also makes sense.)

  • This quiz was stupid, well not entirely but there weren't enough options, what about people who like reading factual books, autobiographies or instructional books? It's way to generalised and most the answers I had to choose I wouldn't say in real life if I had the actual choice

  • Hmmm good quiz. Love the whole Twilight series. Although you should put sci-fi and fantasy as your genres as well.

    Awesome. All books. Yep. That's me. I read all books!

  • i think this is a good quiz...like it said i should read romances and its right like a week ago i didnt even want to touch a book then i read beastly in 3 days[im a REALLY slow reader like im in 8th grade but i readat a 6th grade level and my teacher gave me an F cause she thaught i was cheeting when i read it that fast]now i wont put a book down

  • all books. yep! good quiz.


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