What tribe from Wings of Fire are you

So basically thIs is a quiz about wings of fire It’s an awesome series about dragons written by Tui T. Sutherland ( I’m very very sorry if I spelled it wrong, I’m to lazy to look it up)

Anybody who doesn’t like wings of fire will get flame torched by an angry Sky wing. Ahhhangry sky wing alert, angry sky wing alert! Any body who disrespects dragons gets a face full of fire! hmph

Created by: Kiy

  1. Do you like swimming?
  2. Have you ever got first place in a race
  3. How likely are you to burn the house down?
  4. What is you favorite color
  5. If you had a cow what would you do
  6. Sooo how much do you like wings of fire
  7. Do you believe that one day a dragon will come up and eat us all
  8. Let the three fates decide which one
  9. What is your favorite element
  10. Did you like my quiz?

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Quiz topic: What tribe from Wings of Fire am I