What Tobymac song are you?

There are a lot of Tobymac songs, but only one that you represent. How will you find out which one you represent? Well, by taking this quiz, of course!

Which Tobymac song do You represent? Well, in just a few moments, you are going to find out, thanks to this amazing, spectacular quiz!!! Here we go!!!

Created by: Jesus Freak

  1. How much do you love God?
  2. Would you tell people about God's love no matter what anyone thinks?
  3. Do you want to represent God in your everyday life?
  4. Do you want to gain the things of this world?
  5. When you fall down, do you know you can get right back up?
  6. Do you want to see Jesus in Heaven right now?
  7. Do you know that God's love isn't normal, and do you want to tell people about it?
  8. Do you want to be for God forever?
  9. Is God's love the coolest thing in the world to you?
  10. Would you like to live on a city with God being your one King?

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Quiz topic: What Tobymac song am I?