What time in the past should you go to?

What time period in the past should you go to? The past is an exciting and mysterious place. In the future, people may have time machines to be able to travel through the past, but otherwise, we will never be able to look through the past.

If they DO happen to make a time machine in our lifetime, and you got to go in it, there would be way to many options of when to go. This quiz may help narrow down the options if that happens, and this quiz is also for fun.

Created by: lovetakes2
  1. What is the purpose of life?
  2. What song of these do you like most? (listen to them on youtube first please! Even if you already know all of them)
  3. What famous person do you want to meet?
  4. You are in a time machine that goes back in time. You control where you go and everything. Where do you go and why?
  5. Question 6 continued
  6. You hop out of the time machine and you look to what you see. People are wearing lots of weird clothes. What are they wearing (girls)
  7. (Question 8 continued boy's answer both)
  8. You hear people speaking some weird language. You try to understand it the best you can. What are they most likely speaking?
  9. What monument/historic preserve/ancient building do you want to see?
  10. Bye!

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Quiz topic: What time in the past should I go to?