What Thunderclan Warrior are you?

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~Thunderclan~ Welcome to the quiz! Are you ready to find out which warrior you are? There are 5 diffrent cats in this quiz. Each of them are great. We must find out.

Are you Firestar, the great leader? Are you Greystripe, Firestar's best friend? Are you Sandstorm, Firestar's loyal mate? Are you Squirrelflight, the skilled warrior? Or.. Are you Mossstar, one of the GREATEST leaders to EVER see the forest?

Created by: Mossclaw

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  1. Q1. How many friends do you have in real life?
  2. Q2. ~Love Status~
  3. Q3. If you were Firestar, would you have spoken up more about Tigerclaw?
  4. How did you like this quiz? (Wont affect answers.) (and lol sonic colors referance in answers >:D)
  5. O LOOKIE ITS NOT OVER(wont affect answers)
  6. Q4. If you were hated by everyone in the clan, what would you do?
  7. Q5. If there was someone that kept attacking your clan, what would you do?
  8. Are you ready to get your results?(No effect)
  9. TOO BAD!!!(No effect)
  10. Q6. Would you die for your clan in the worst of times? (Like jump in front of a lunging dark forest cat to save a clan mate)
  11. StarClan: "It is your time. Come to us... see who is inside of you." (Won't affect answers)

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Quiz topic: What Thunderclan Warrior am I?