What sychic power do you really have?

PLEASE READ THIS. This quiz is not lighthearted,or funny.It is for those with this burden,that they must carry.I feel for you.Do you hear strange voices in your head?Do you feel people's pain.Find out in this rather strange quiz.

I want you to anwser this quiz HONESTLY,otherwise it will not be accurate.I feel jeolous for the normal people.Live your life without fear,and worry.For those like me,YOUR NOT ALONE.There are other people out there,like you,going through the same things.Dont live your life in fear.

Created by: eilloh

  1. Do you feel sometimes alone in the world?
  2. Do you sometimes feel like you are being watched?
  3. Do you often say something before another person with the same thought says it?
  4. Have you ever seen a ghost?
  5. If one of your family members is in pain,no matter how far away they are,do you feel pain in the same place they feel?
  6. Can you often tell when someone is lying?Or feel their emotions?
  7. Do you go to public school?
  8. Do you often read fantasy,or horror books?
  9. Do you tend to relate more with animals,instead of people?
  10. Is your favorite animal a feline?(any type of cat,big or small)
  11. Do you prefer nighttime,to day?
  12. Do you 'follow the crowd',or do you your own thing?

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Quiz topic: What sychic power do I really have?