What's your super power?

Everyone has a super power. Do you? Of corse, I just said that! And for those of you that think you don't, you can at least pretend and have a little fun.

What's your super power (if you had one)? Can you mind control? Set yourself on fire? Of corse not. You can take this quiz and find out what you do have, though!

Created by: not important

  1. Pick one:
  2. Pick a book title:
  3. Pick an animal:
  4. You are driving a car. You came to an unfamiliar intersection. You decide to go down the street called...
  5. Pick an activity:
  6. Do you like attention?
  7. Pick a person:
  8. Pick one:
  9. Pick an item found in the office:
  10. Did you like this super power quiz? (This question doesn't count for your score)

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Quiz topic: What's my super power?