What Supernatural Talent Do You Posses?

We've all had dreams where we possess some kind of power, but now we know which one truly belongs to us. And who knows, maybe some of us will like what we're stuck with, some of us might not, you'll see.

Are you powerful? Can you control the very fabric of time itself? Or are you just destined to form tiny ice cubes forever? Take this quiz, and in a few minutes, you'll find out.

Created by: Mark
  1. DO you go to the gym often? (ex. 4-7 times a week)
  2. Do you put a lot of ice in your drinks?
  3. Do you stare at a clock a lot?
  4. Do you play with fire?
  5. Do you play with fire?
  6. Do you pollute the air?
  7. Do you pollute the air?
  8. Do you smoke?
  9. Do you drink a lot of water?
  10. Are you ever dehydrated?
  11. Are you a good swimmer?
  12. Do you like lightning storms?
  13. Do you like the summer?
  14. Have you had dreams where time stops?

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Quiz topic: What Supernatural Talent do I Posses?