What stereo type fits you

people stick ;abels on you its hard to know what one fits you..well the answers are here. take a few minutes and take this quiz because i kno you'll enjoy it even if its completetly off

Punk, emo. preppy conformist/ follower or athletic which r u ** it is understoof that this quiz is not 100% acurate and is used for pure fun and should not b taken as offensive in anyway**

Created by: amanda
  1. Your best friend is pissed at you its most likely because....
  2. In your spare time you...
  3. Shoes quick pick one
  4. ok so y did you take this
  5. okk so sports...
  6. favorite type of music
  7. do you like this quiz
  8. whats your style
  9. ok last question.....all time low is
  10. darn it i lied there are more questions favorite color.. i have to do it

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