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  • Who ever made this quiz doesn't know what sport is. >:|

    I play proper competitive sport. My friend is a cheerleader. She does competitions. I play baseball. Not WIMPY! Who ever made this has serious issues and I am honestly really concerned!

  • whoever made this quiz is messeed up! cheerleading is not wimpy you have no idea and we dont stand around and talk and fluff pom poms! we work hard. you have no right putting that on there! CHEERLEADING IS A SPORT! if you are going to make a quiz dont be a jerk about stuff. your opinion it maybe be wrong, but get your facts straight first! i completely agree with the other person who commented.

  • the person who made this quiz is STUPID becasue if they dont think cheerleading is a sport they are mental, and have never tried competitive cheer. ummm can you do a standing full, or a front walkover roundoff back handspring stepout roundoff backhandspring layout???? i dint thing soo.

  • Never do this quizz, the person who did it is just a person who is fat and who's bender on famous sprt but he can't do these sport!! #Livesportsmatters

    hamoud abibi
  • look.

    whoever made ths quizz and told me that cheerleading is stupid and a loser sport needs to get there facts straight!

    because we work hard too!

  • how is cheerleading not a sport?!?! :(

  • you are a frikin loser cheerleading is harder than it looks so you are an a--hole so shut up


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