What Sport are you?

There are many sports out there. Some are not so good for people and some are great. Sports are great for everyone. You just have to find one that your good at and enjoy. Sometimes that can be tricky but just try your hadest.

What sport are you good at? Some people who don't like to run a lot will not be as good at some sports. Though there are many different kinds of sports that you will be great at. But this will help you find a sport that fits you perfectly.

Created by: emy

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you concider yourself lazy?
  2. Do you like working with as a team?
  3. Are you a good team leader?
  4. Can you communicate well?
  5. What Sport do you enjoy the most?
  6. Do you like to run?
  7. With a ball what go you like to do with it?
  8. Do you like working with boys or girls?
  9. Do you like to wear short or pants?
  10. Are you good at handeling a ball?

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Quiz topic: What Sport am I?