What species of bird are YOU?

What type of bird are you? Are you large and fierce, like an eagle, or petite and weak, like a robin? Are you an excellent swimmer, like a duck, or better at running, like a robin?

Find out what bird YOU are most like!!! There'll be five results with pictures and facts about the resulting bird you probably didn't even know!!!!!!!

Created by: EmraldYE

  1. If you are in this age range, which are you?
  2. What is your favorite color, out of these?
  3. What's ur eye color?
  4. How much does your hair shine in light?
  5. Which are you?
  6. What movement are you best at?
  7. What do you feel like eating NOW?
  8. Do you look similar to a member or two of your family?
  9. What's your main sin?
  10. From a scale 1 to 5, how much do you swim? 1=Like every day 5=never
  11. If you HAD to, How many kids do you want to have when you grow up?
  12. How talkative are you?
  13. How many friends do you like to hang out with?

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Quiz topic: What species of bird am I?