What SOE MMORPG (major multiplayer online role playing game) woul

This quiz is about SOE's online games, i have just chosen a few (EverQuest1, EverQuest2, Vangaurd, and World of Warcraft) although one of the games (RunScape) is not an SOE game, but it is online and you can just go to a web site to play it "runescape.com". With the actaul SOE games, I have played them all except World of Warcraft, and myself, i like EverQuest2 the best.

Are YOU a game fanatic, if so, then take this quiz. It'll tell u if u are, and if u are, then it'll tell u which game is best for u out of the 5 games that i chose from the studios of "Sony Online Games"

Created by: Branden
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What Kind of game u like best?
  2. How Graphic (the picture: detail)do u like in a game?
  3. How Challegning do u like ur games?
  4. Do u like chatting/grouping to people while ur playing?
  5. How long to u like to be in a group/party?
  6. How long cna u sit at the computer comfortably?
  7. DO you like to have a music player playing on the sme comp as u do stuff on the comp?
  8. Are u distraced easily? while on the comp?
  9. are u curios? (dont go clicking random things, u can get in trouble with ur group)
  10. How fast is ur comp?

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