What Smedry Talent do you have?

Have you ever read the Alcatraz series? If you haven't, I strongly recommend you do. First of all, it's awesome, and second, you won't understand the results if you don't, but I'll explain the basics in the next paragraph.

So all Smedrys have a mysterious power called a Talent. This Talent is a random power that they are granted at birth. They seem useless at first, but they can be remarkably powerful. So stop reading and take the quiz.

Created by: Bastille

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  1. It's early in the morning and have to get to school. What do you do?
  2. What is your worst fear out of the following?
  3. What makes you happiest?
  4. What color best describes you out of the following?
  5. Choose one.
  6. You and a friend are fighting. You...
  7. Who seems to get mad at you the most?
  8. What annoys you most?
  9. How nice are you?
  10. Sorry, I can't think of a last question, but please rate and comment. :)

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Quiz topic: What Smedry Talent do I have?