What Skiier R U?

skiing is the best snow sport in the world but everyone says they ski but most of the time they have no clue of what the hell skiing is. well if you don't know skiing is the best winter sport in the world. if you'r actually a really good skiier you should know who pep fujas, simon dumont, tanner hall, jp auclair, boyd easley, ect. is

Are you a good skiier? do you have the skillz to be an amazing skiier or do you just say you are? if life was a ski hill would you be on the ridge or the bunny hill? to find out take this quiz and you will no how good you actually are at skiing.

Created by: Drake

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  1. do you go huge? (20 feet or higher)
  2. do you do backflips and cork 900's
  3. do u wish it was winter at bridger all year round and summer in the city all year round?
  4. do u wish you could die on ski's?
  5. do u like cliffs or jumps
  6. have you ever done a backflip 720?
  7. wats ur fav. trick?
  8. do u love sking?
  9. is skiing ur life
  10. Do u like doing spins or flips?

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