What should you do when stoned?

This quiz solves all your stoned problems by telling you what to do. It will suggest some simple activities that will make your time go better and be more fly

You better be stoned when you take this test, and even if you are, you should be smoking during, and after it. Smoking up whilst you do whatever activity is chosen goes without saying

Created by: abcabc

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  1. How High Are You?
  2. What you smoking?
  3. How Much do you normally smoke
  4. Who you hanging with?
  5. What time is it
  6. Do your mates smoke?
  7. Do you live somewhere you can smoke indoors?
  8. Have you been drinking as well?
  9. You got s--- to do tomoro/later?
  10. Have you got the Friday trilogy?

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Quiz topic: What should I do when stoned?