What Season Are You?

This is just a joke don't take it to serious. This quiz will tell you what season you are in my opinion. Just based off of natural weather it's pretty simple why are you reading this

Ugh its making me type more so hi hihi hihih ihihihihihihj haforhihrghiorhgiorahgvmiodsciohoeq2hoeifioeheworhfoihweofhfowhfowfhwohfwohfowhofwhfowhfowhfow

Created by: Summer
  1. What Is Your Favorite Animal
  2. How would you describe yourself
  3. What Music Do You Listen To?
  4. Favorite Color
  5. Pick A Show
  6. Pick A Youtuber
  7. Are You Nice
  8. Do you respect elders
  9. what books do you prefer
  10. U READY??

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Quiz topic: What Season am I?