What Is Your Season?

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Would you like to know what you season is? Well this is the quiz for you! Please take my quiz if your interested, or bored. Go ahead and continue reading this first...

I'll ask several things (10 questions, not including the age and gender question) and you'll answer them to see your results on what your season is. Go ahead and play the quiz!

Created by: Mysterious Cat
  1. What is your favorite season?
  2. What weather suits you best?
  3. Whats your outfit?
  4. What's your drink?
  5. What is your favorite activity of these?
  6. What are some of your positive qualities?
  7. What are some of your negative qualities? Come on, everyone has something negative about them!
  8. You are a..? (The answer _____ baby means the season you were born in)
  9. Are you tanned?
  10. What's your favorite element?

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Quiz topic: What Is my Season?