Family Guy Season 6

So you think you know the sixth season of Family Guy like the back of your hand, eh? Well let's see if that is true. Ignore the rest of this after you finish reading this message.

Do you know who has had a voice cameo this season? Think you've got what it takes? Are you just bored and don't care about this? Then take the quiz. Ignore the rest of this after you finish reading this message.

Created by: Seth G.
  1. What is the name of McBurgertown's slaughterhouse(according to the talking cow)?
  2. Who did the voice of the talking cow in "McStroke"?
  3. Who has not had a guest appearance on this season?
  4. After Brian wins an award for an essay he wrote, where do Brian, Lois, and Peter go?
  5. Who did Dylan make watch 178 hours of Monty Python sketches that weren't funny or memorable
  6. Where was Peter born?
  7. In "Peter's Daughter", how many times is the house that Brian and Stewie blew up shown?
  8. Who comes back to steal Peter's identity?
  9. How many men were in Peter's pirate crew when he decided to become a pirate?
  10. In "Stewis Kills Lois" how long was it before Lois comes back?
  11. In the following episode, who busts in on Stewie when he gains access to the CIA's supercomputer and takes control of the power grid?
  12. Who replaces Peter, Cleveland, and Quagmire after Joe has his legs for awhile?
  13. Who did Jillian move in with?
  14. Where does the title "Blue Harvest" come from?
  15. What is the last thing Stewie says in "Lois Kills Stewie"?

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