What SCP are you?

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Ever wondered what scp you are? its not that serous calm down its just a online quiz... and for filler...eeeeeeee7555423244254243yfyderadghbrxer55556fhjbhjbjhbhjjbh

Take this fast 10-question quiz to find out! also big thanks to my friends for showing me this website. and for filler...eeee87534wrdvdfgytr45edthvrtdt3676

Created by: drayden543

  1. Are you happy most of the time?
  2. Do you Like attention?
  3. DO you Like being the leader?
  4. Which Class would you be?
  5. Do you like the darkness?
  6. Do you like going to the beach?
  7. Do like being popular?
  8. Do you like ice cream/desserts?
  9. Do you like movies?
  10. LAST QUESTION! did you like the test?

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Quiz topic: What SCP am I?