What's your true animal spirit?

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We all have imagination. Which is good, for this quiz, is about to earn you a free pet!! Care for it, name it as your own! It will follow you everywhere, so be careful for where you take it. It's not a Soulamal, or a spirit animal. It's YOUR ANIMAL SPRIT! Ok, close to a spirit animal, but it's not, ok? enjoy this quiz, for it will tell you a bit about yourself!

You have imagination? Good! Not that this quiz needs any. It's pure truth!

Created by: Laylah

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. fave colour?
  2. fave animal? ( wont effect answer.)
  3. what do you want to be when your older?
  4. do you want more answers?
  6. not final question...
  7. wanna talk?
  8. RP: Your walking along a river bank and see a wolf cub, tiger cub, and a fox cub DROWNING IN THE RIVER. BUT, you can only save one! Which one do you save?
  9. what are you like?

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Quiz topic: What's my true animal spirit?