what's your tribe name? (girlz only)

ok you are doing my strange quiz there is a cat named wolf that hunts at night she is the same cat as in my warrior name quiz hope you like my quiz!!!

my quiz will not have the dreaded favorite color question but four or five questions that do not effect your score i was in need of some qestions once angain hope you like my quiz!!!

Created by: molly

  1. what's ur fav clan? (you may see why I asked this in the results)
  2. are you popular?
  3. you find out your brother is evil what do you do?
  4. RP TIME! A battle start and a cat sneaks up on you (you don't know that) and everything goes black (he knocked you out)
  5. ok the next three questions have no effect got it?
  6. what's your favorite face?
  7. do you like my quiz?
  8. wierd right?
  9. what do you think of me?
  10. what do you think of my strange quiz

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Quiz topic: What's my tribe name? (girlz only)