What's Your Spirit Animal?

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Do you love wolves? Are they your true spirit animal? You may love elk, or bears, or horses, or cats, or eagles. But the true question is, are any of them YOUR spirit animal?

If you're asking yourself that exact, well almost exact, question, come here and we will tell you. You may be a wolf, or an elk, or a horse, or an eagle, or a CAT! YOU WON'T KNOW UNLESS YOU TAKE THIS QUIZ!!!!!

Created by: friesian of animalearth.forumotion.com
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  1. Are you a very social person?
  2. Would you give your life for your family and/or friends?
  3. Can you be trusted easily?
  4. Are you very active?
  5. Do you have any friends? How many?
  6. Are you loyal? (I'm trying to get this over with..)
  7. Are you loyal? (I'm trying to get this over with..)
  8. What animal do you think you're getting?
  9. What animal do you NOT think you're getting?
  10. Do you have good survival instincts?
  11. Which one do you think would win? Chuck Norris v Abe Lincoln?

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