What's Your Seduction Learning Style

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Sometimes we think that we might have a clue as to how we're turned on, but we truly don't know exactly why we get turned on. The explanation is that we all learn differently and because we learn differently, we get seduced differently.

There are 3 different types of Seduction Learning Styles. This is a revolutionary way of knowing how you get turned on and it can be a great tool to knowing what your lover likes as well to optimize your relationship with them. Take the quiz to see how you get turned on!

Created by: Marla Stewart

  1. When someone you like sees you, how do they get your attention?
  2. On your first date, what do you look forward to?
  3. When you are having phone sex, what do you like the most?
  4. During sex, what is it that arouses you the most?
  5. When your lover enters your home, what do you appreciate the most?
  6. When you go on a date to a movie, what are your reactions during viewing?
  7. At a fancy dinner date, what turns you on?
  8. What turns you on about your date?
  9. During sex, you would NOT prefer
  10. When you're masturbating, what brings you to orgasm?

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