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  • I chose majority good options.. still get 90% = bad. Apparently Op has a mental deficiency and also was a kid at the time of writing quiz as there is numerous spelling errors. Unfathomable how this is no . 1 Google Search for "Whats your problem?" This quiz alone probably reduce the what little credibility left random fun quizzes had.

    May God have mercy on your soul or Natural selection if atheist.

  • yeah, I'm totally begging for "attenion" when I actively try to avoid being drawn into the spotlight. this quiz is so far off its already on mars. whoever else is reading this comment, ignore this jack-wagon who made this quiz. clearly has no basis for his reasoning. it seems most people would agree with me anyway just thought I make it crystal clear.

  • This made me feel like a terrible person!!! ACTUALLY STUPID TEST

  • uh-begging for attention? Yeah uh-no.this quiz is stupid.

  • Huh.
    Whats non-binary? Is that non-committal?
    Just Huh.


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