What's your Plu-tential?--Calculate your Plu-points!

Do you wear your hair in a pony tail? Have you ever played softball? Do you enjoy the musical offerings of Ani DiFranco? Then come and discover just how much plu-tential you have!

Hey there plu-face! Wanna know how you rank against the rest of the lesbian world? Then step up and calculate your plu points! Remember, it's all in good, clean, gay fun!

Created by: Bex

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. On an average day, I wear my hair...
  2. I own ______ pairs of board shorts/boys cargo shorts.
  3. When I enter American Eagle/Pac Sun/A&F/Hollister etc, I immediately go to the...
  4. I played softball...(pick the most recent that applies)
  5. I like to drink...
  6. My sunglasses...
  7. When going out with friends, I MOST OFTEN wear...
  8. I LOVE...
  9. What beach do you prefer?
  10. I own/would like to own a:
  11. I know that PLU stands for:
  12. My usual outfit consists of
  13. I've hooked up with Becca
  14. I played Bloom Softball, Basketball or Rugby

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Quiz topic: What's my Plu-tential?--Calculate my Plu-points!