This is questionaire that i found to test peoples knowledge and i thought id be fun to post it and see how other people do on it.Some of the questions are kinda tricky and some are hella easy, let me know how ya did

Some of the easier questions are worth less points than the harder ones, and if you get them wrong, you lose more points but its kinda fun and better than doing them damn survey thangs...

Created by: deepizzle

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  1. Who wrote "of mice and men"
  2. Which of the following is not a GAS PLANET?
  3. Very Simple Question, Who Created MYSPACE?
  4. Math: 6 2/8 * 3 5/9 = Solve this Mixed Number
  5. Convert -15o C to Fahrenheit. note: How to convert Celsius temperatures to Fahrenheit Multiply the Celsius temperature by 9/5. # Add 32o to adjust for the offset in the Fahrenheit scale.
  6. Who Invented the PHONE?
  7. What is the Capital of Mexico?
  8. What number president is George W. Bush?
  9. What estimated Percent of the U.S Population is BLACK?
  10. Around what time was the renaissance era?

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