What's your personality? (Gacha life version)

Hello there random reader, I am here to inform you what type of person you are. Of course, I don't actually know you or what type of person you are but I can guess, which is what I'm doing. Please do not take any offense at all this is just a stupid quiz!

The main thing to do is to have fun, and even though I don't have any videos on there yet please subscribe to my channel "Phoenix life"Also I'm using a little bit of gacha logic in this quiz, but now that I'm done have fun!!!!😃😃

Created by: Phoenix POPS

  1. What's your favorite color? (The most dreaded part of the process)
  2. Hmm.... what's your perfect outfit?
  3. Lifestyle is IMPORTANT, what will you choose?
  4. Who do you find cute?
  5. What is your favorite hobby?
  6. Did you like the quiz?
  7. Wassup?
  8. Hey...do you know what gacha life is?
  9. What is anime
  10. These were just random questions please forgive me!

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Quiz topic: What's my personality? (Gacha life version)