What's your personality ?

Do you want to find more about your personality ? Are you curious about how much you worry about other people's opinions? Take this quiz and find out.

This quiz is for girls. If you want real results answer honestly. I hope you really enjoy this quiz. If not I'm sorry. This is my first quiz.Please try!

Created by: Jenna

  1. Your crush invites you rollerblading , but you remember that a huge scratch on your leg is going to rub against you skates. What do you do?
  2. Your best friend invites you to a concert. What do you wear?
  3. Are you considered nice ?
  4. How many friends do you have?
  5. Would you go rock climbing?
  6. You've been chosen for your county's anual spelling bee. You-
  7. There's a nasty rumor going around school about you. What do you do ?
  8. Your school is considering uniforms. You-
  9. You get a birthday present you don't like. You-
  10. This is my first quiz. What do you think?

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Quiz topic: What's my personality ?