What's your personality? 2 (NEW AND IMPROVED)

This is the sequel to the quiz i posted yesterday! Sorry to Donotdisturb, who said "shy my foot." That old one was stupid, but please try the new one!

Please also friend me on ROBLOX, I am Froakie4444 on there too! Thank you for taking time out of your day to take this quiz. Enjoy, and expect more in the future!

Created by: Froakie4444
  1. Do you like video games?
  2. (FOR GIRLS) Your best friend says the outfit you spent over an HOUR making is horrifying! You:
  3. Do you like anyone?
  4. You are walking down a dark ally, when a mysterious figure appears behind you! What do you do!?!?
  5. (FOR BOYS) You realize that your dog has destroyed your BRAND NEW Xbox One! Your response?
  6. Your grandma gets you an ugly sweater for Christmas.... >:P Your response?
  7. Pick 1:
  8. Do you like Pokemon?
  9. You are halfway done! Congrats!
  10. Your best friend ditched you on your birthday to see Catching Fire! What do you do!?!?
  11. What if someone stole your most prized possesion?
  12. FHghjgjkguiodgfweyitfyi8wegfre3jgyrwegfdefwerjy. cgerofneropgjmiotynmhubtcgyur? (this question is just for gags!)
  13. If you turned into a supercomputer, what would you do?
  14. How many questions were on my last quiz?
  15. Pick 1:
  16. Almost over!
  17. Do you cuss?
  18. LAST QUESTION!?!?!?!?: What's your favorite color!?!?!?!? Out of these!?!?!?!?

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Quiz topic: What's my personality? 2 (NEW AND IMPROVED)