What's your personality?

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This quiz is not 100% accurate all of the time! everyone is different! but this determines your personality, so I really hope you enjoy it!!! :))))))))

Are you ready to take on this quiz? Face the reality? If you're brave, just dive in and see what score you'll receive. Maybe you're wondering how society sees you! Maybe you're bored! Anyway, here it is.

Created by: Cat
  1. Why are you taking this quiz
  2. What do you think about the internet
  3. What do you think your personality is like?
  4. What's you're favorite color?(sorry if it's not there)
  5. What's your favorite subject in school?
  6. What type of guy do you like?
  7. How are you liking this quiz so far?
  8. What do you like most about yourself?
  9. What's most important to you?
  10. What are you scared of?

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Quiz topic: What's my personality?