What's Your Perfect PerSei Apartment?

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PerSei at Pike & Rose is more than another address – it's a place where you can build a life for yourself. It's your opportunity to get in on a next-generation neighborhood with the spirit of a tight- knit community - with shopping, fine dining, and entertainment right at your fingertips. But are you modern or transitional? Need space for one bedroom or two? The possibilities are endless here at PerSei at Pike & Rose!

Looking for your new dream home at PerSei but don't know where to begin? Take this quiz and find out what your new apartment at PerSei at Pike & Rose is meant to be!

Created by: PerSei Apartments

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  1. Pick your go-to weekend adventure:
  2. Wine & cheese, or champagne and strawberries?
  3. Single or settling down?
  4. Saturday Night Fever... or Sunday Brunch?
  5. Pick your ideal date night:
  6. Shophouse or Starbucks?
  7. Pizza at Stella Barra or steaks at Del Frisco's?
  8. Fiat or Range Rover?
  9. Metro or Uber?
  10. Pick your favorite Starbucks drink:

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Quiz topic: What's my Perfect PerSei Apartment?